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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijjah 21,1427/January 11, 2007 #4

An entire Pakistani family has been arrested in New York after a young Pakistani was given 30 years in prison on fake charges of planning to bomb New York subway. He was not member of any group and had no weapons or materials for an attack. He was trapped by an agent. Why should his family be arrested? Please scroll all the way down.

Sale's Translation of the Qur'an Denigrates Islam and was Meant for Missionaries.

[Keith Ellison, hailed as the first Muslim Congressman by the Zionist media, showed his ignorance of Islam by doing a photo-op in which he presented himself as taking the oath of office on a copy of the Qur'an translated by George Sale.]

A quick review of George Sale's translation of the Qur'an (owned by Thomas Jefferson)

by Abdul Rahim Kidwai [by special permission to New Trend]

The Qur'an translation by George Sale, The Koran: Commonly called the Alkoran of Mohammed (London, 1734). At least 123 editions of it have been published. The latest edition appeared in 1975. Contains an exhaustive Preliminary discourse on Seera and the Qur'an. In translating the Qur'an, Sale's missionary intent is quite marked. For in the note to the reader he suggests the rules to be observed for 'the conversion of Mohammedans' (p. v); evaluates the Prophet thus: 'For how criminal soever Mohammed may have been in imposing a fake religion on mankind, the praises due to his real virtues ought not to be denied him' (p. vii), talks of different editions of the Qur'an which, for him, vary in contents (p. 45), points out the borrowings in the Qur'an, (pp. 49 and 50) and refers to the piecemeal revelation of the Qur'an as a 'contrivance' (p.50). Full of instances of omission and mistranslation. For example, Ar-Rahman nir Raheem, is simply rendered as 'Most Merciful'. The recurrent Qur'anic address, Ya aayuhan nas is translated as 'O people of Mecca'. Renders as 'Substitute' and as 'Secret History'. Parts of some verses have been altogether omitted, as for example, in Ale-Imran III:98 is not translated.

[New Trend adds: Ellison and CAIR should apologize to the Muslim community for trying to dignify this insult to Islam and abuse of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, as if it is the Qur'an. These people, be it Ellison or CAIR, are quite ignorant of basic Islamic knowledge.]

Oppression of Women in America: by New Trend's Media Monitor

MURDER MOST FOUL: Israeli Professor at Leading U.S. University Arrested for Horrifying Blunt Object Death of his Wife

On December 22, 2006, three days before Christmas, a woman named Ellen was found murdered in her posh, upscale, split level home in the exclusive Upper Merion district of Philadelphia. On January 8, 2007 her husband, Dr. Rafael Robb, a professor of "Game Theory" at the University of Pennsylvania was arrested for "first degree murder" and "staging a break-in to cover up his tracks." The woman's face and head had been smashed in so badly that hardened investigators first thought she had been blasted at close range with a shot gun: the blows were from a blunt object which has not been found yet.

During the investigation, 17 days, the media tried to hide the fact that Robb is an Israeli Jew and graduated from Israel's Hebrew University, its top school. Finally in its January 9 issue, the Philadelphia Inquirer published, on its inside pages, a report on Robb's Israeli origins and education, but still managed to leave out the word "Jew." [MSNBC TV too mentioned in passing that Robb is Israeli.] New Trend observers say that the expensive University of Pennsylvania is heavily infested with Jewish professors and administrators.

Imagine if Robb had been a Muslim professor from al-Azhar university! The media would have found out who was his religious preacher and who taught him to hate women. Prof. Robb was facing a divorce and would have had to pay $4000 a month to his wife. Some bloggers allege that as a "game theorist," he thought he could get away with murder. He seems to be a very low key, nondescript kind of person.

The word "terrorist" has also been left out of the reporting although it is reported that Robb may have considerable funds in Israel. Remember how Prof. Sami Al-Arian was vilified for supporting Palestinians although he never hurt or murder anyone. Years later, he is still in prison although the charges of "terrorism" were dropped.

Readers might remember that a few years back the leading Jewish Rabbi on the east coast paid a Jewish hit man to murder his {Jewish} wife. He justified the killing to the hit man by saying that she was "opposed to Israel." The Rabbi's story was quickly dropped by the media.

Why are some prominent Jews so oppressive towards women? That's a question which should be investigated. [Robb is reported to have beaten up Ellen previously to the murder.] Ellen was seemingly a Christian and was wrapping Christmas presents when she was assaulted.

Analysis: by New Trend Media Monitor

Bush Going for All out War in Iraq ['yawn']: 21,500 New U.S. Troops, $1 billion more to Shi'ites

New Trend predicted, before all the pundits, at the time of the Democrats' victory on November 7, that Bush will launch all out war in 2007 and the Democrats will keep talking against it without taking any specific steps to stop the war. That's exactly what transpired on January 10.

A grim faced Bush came on TV. No smiles at all, no stories. He even forgot to say: "Long Live America" at the end. His final words were ominous: "Good night."

What did he promise? Five new U.S. brigades to be sent to Baghdad plus another 4,000 of America's best Marines to Anbar province where an Islamic community has been set up. He will pump in another $1 billion dollars into the Shi'ite military forces to use them against the resistance.

The thrust of the Bush speech was specifically against the Sunni Islamic resistance. He promised to help reduce the Iranian and Syrian influence, but no specific threats here. He did not mention Moqtada al-Sadr or any threat against the "Mahdi army" which has been [indirectly?] helping the U.S. by carrying out death squad activity targeting totally uninvolved Sunnis.
Bush came out heavily on the Shi'ite side. He mentioned the bombing of the Samarra shrine, though no investigation has been carried out, without mentioning that 100 Sunni mosques were bombed using Samarra as an excuse. [Most people don't know that the Samarra shrine was unused when it was attacked and it is in a city which is 100% Sunni. The story that Shi'a saints are buried in it have not been authenticated. Worship of saints is strictly forbidden in Islam.]

Bush did admit that he has failed to secure Iraq. Now, he asserted, it will be a no holds barred fight and no areas will be out of bounds. This again is a meaningless assertion. U.S. troops have been photographed shelling and machine gunning mosques. New Trend published a photo of U.S. troops using a mosque as a camping ground. Photos appeared [from CBS] of U.S. marines shooting wounded, unarmed, half dead Iraqis in a mosque. So what's the President talking about? Some think, it could be a hint that the U.S. will go after Moqtada al-Sadr's strongholds. That remains to be seen.
WHAT WILL BE the RESULTS in IRAQ: The new military operation started in Iraq before the speech. On January 9, 400 U.S. troops with 400 Shi'ite troops battled the resistance in CENTRAL BAGHDAD, house to house on Haifa street. All these are homes where armed opponents of the occupation live with their families. U.S. air strikes repeatedly hit Haifa street.
Thus a major violation of international law was carried out, with a modern army striking an occupied population. The Iraqi "government" claims that 50 resistance fighters were killed in this operation. However, this seems to be a propaganda figure [somewhat like what NATO and Karzai keep publishing in Afghanistan]. The U.S. could confirm only ONE fighter killed. Civilian casualties may be extremely high but REPORTERS and the RED CROSS are not being allowed into the stricken area.
Earlier on JANUARY 8, the U.S. air force unloaded thousands of tons of bombs on homes in Diyala province suspected of harboring the resistance. This news was censored by CNN and MSNBC and only reported by FOX TV.

SOMALIA: A Failed Strike and a Warning to the People of Africa. Civilian Deaths.

On January 8, an American gunship AC-130 attacked Somalis in a village at the tip of the southern border with Kenya. The U.S. media put out a spate of news clips cheering the power of the gunship and claiming that it targeted Faizul Muhammad and other African leaders of the Islamic movement known as al-Qaidah.

On January 9 and 10, the puppet regime installed by the U.S.-backed Ethiopian invasion force claimed that Faizul Muhammad had actually been killed. However, the U.S. could not verify this "kill" and by January 11 it was clear that that the vaunted gunship had failed to kill the Islamic fighter being targeted. [FOX TV admitted the failure on January 11.]

The first CBS report on the strike [Jan.8] indicated that many people were killed in the air strike and there were "bodies visible on the street." BBC reporting on Jan. 9 and 10 indicated that scores of Somali civilians were killed in the attack. BBC mentioned a local Somali, Mahmud Barali, who said that his 4 year old son was killed in the air strike.

U.S. air strikes were renewed on January 9 and 10 resulting in many more Somali civilians being killed. The U.S., however, is denying these renewed strikes, leading to speculation that the Ethiopian air force may have taken on where the U.S. left off.

The ETHIOPIAN OCCUPATION of Somalia, followed by the U.S. air force's attacks on "suspected terrorists" indicate that international law does not exist in Africa. The U.S. will not permit the development of Islamic communities and will destroy them by PHYSICAL force, either directly or indirectly [through surrogates like Ethiopia]. More than 80% of the people of Africa are Muslim. Majority of the people of Ethiopia too are Muslim but are being held down by a huge non-Muslim military force backed, funded and armed by the U.S. [and some say] Israel.

The blatant air attacks on Somalia send a signal to Sudan too to permit UN intervention in Darfur or face U.S. military force.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234 [4 items]

OUTREACH in Baltimore: Report on Tragedy of Saddam Hussein Distributed+Turkish Research on Anti-Islam Network

On January 5, Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave out a printout of New Trend mourning the murder of President Saddam Hussein at Masjid Rahma in Baltimore. This is the biggest mosque [masjid] in the area and was attended on Juma by ar least 400 people.

The brochure distributed included the highlights of Research by a Turkish group which uncovered the entire anti-Islam network in America. It specifies the dollar amounts given to Steve Emerson and Hussein Haqqani [Pakistani] and the source of funding along with the process by which ISNA's Ingrid Mattson and Syed Syeed fit into the anti-Islam network.

The good news from Masjid Rahma is that in his Eid day khutba, the imam condemned the timing of the murder of Saddam Hussein on a day of prayer and sacrifice.

America's Rich Muslims Face "pig races" but go on with $million Projects

A clear class difference cuts off the tiny, rich elite of U.S. Muslims from the vast majority of U.S. Muslims who are facing oppression from the U.S. government. Recently outside Houston, an American farmer decided to hold "pig races" on the land which U.S. Muslims decided to buy for a mosque. In Florida, a Black community is opposing the setting up of a mosque by rich "overseas Muslims." In the Boston area, residents went to court to oppose the setting up of a multi-million dollar mosque in their area. All this is projected by bootlicker Muslim "advocacy" groups as American opposition to Muslims and is labeled "Islamophobia."

On the ground, however, Jamaat al-Muslimeen has not noticed any significant opposition to Islam by the American people. The oppression is coming from the U.S. government and the propaganda is coming from Zionist-controlled media. The three incidents we have noted of "peoples' opposition to Islam" are rooted in the rich Muslims' ignorance and/or denial of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. The blessed messenger of Allah, pbuh, did NOT set up MONEY-ORIENTED mosques. The first requirement is Da'wah! Have you given the message? If you are turning up with million dollar projects in American constituencies where there are hardly any Muslims and you are RICHER than the locals, you are denying the Sunnah and asking for trouble.

People in America embrace Islam because of the Qur'an or if they see the Sunnah reflected in a person's life, not owing to impressive buildings. The elite mosque fund raisers, the Siraj Wahhaj types, are sucking up the funds of the ummah. There is no money for Muslims who need attorneys, no money for the families of prisoners, no money for street corner mosques in poor areas where Islam is badly needed, no money for answering the Zionist media. By contrast, go to a "white elephant" mosque, and the filthy rich are collecting another million dollars because another parking lot is needed and the angry neighbors don't want the holy rollers to park their cars in front of their homes.The rich have an "Islam" which is MINUS SUNNAH!

U.S. Muslims: Oppressed & Downtrodden: 2 items

Maryam Uloho, Political Prisoner: Muslim Woman in Louisiana Fights for her Islamic Rights: Prison Located Across from Chemical Plant

by Dr. Mulazimuddin S. Rasool [Amherst, Massachusetts]

There are over two million prisoners in America. Out of this two million, many are political prisoners, and are being held indefinitely on charges as flimsy as suspicion. I always find it amusing when people say we have no political prisoners in America. Maryam Uloho is a political prisoner.

In her own words: I was a Real Estate Investor from Dayton, Ohio. I was arrested on March 3, 2001 in Gretna, Louisiana, close to New Orleans, in Jefferson Parish. I was held 14 months before I went to trial. During the jury selection on April 12, 2002, the District Attorney dropped all charges. I was then held without cause for two weeks and charged with "obstruction of justice." The original judge took the hold off me, reduced my bail from $200,000 to $50,000 and I bonded out on May 5, 2002.

I returned to Ohio. Every month, sometimes twice a month I returned to New Orleans for trial. Each time I returned, it was postponed. The DA demanded my passport because of my international ties. The charges of robbery of an armored car and aggravated battery were dismissed, because there was no one who could place me at the scene. I was still held for a year. I told the detective at the scene, the officer stopped me because he wanted to know what a "nigga" was doing driving a Lincoln Town car in a white neighborhood? I told him I was lost. When the officer saw my credit cards and cash he said I stole it. He did his check with the Dayton, Ohio authorities and found that I was Mary Uloho, but the authorities in Dayton told them to hold me. So they did.

That's when the officer took a big beige bag from the trunk of his car. He started putting things in my car. He got an APB that a robbery had taken place earlier that morning. I tried to tell the detective that the officer had hidden something and took $5,000 dollars from me. Before I came to Louisiana I had completed a closing on a house. The money was from the closing. They found everything from the robbery in my car except for the "green cash." Internal affairs found the cash-$30,000 in small bills in two clear plastic bags- in his car at his house the next day. He was charged as an accessory to the robbery, but they still held me.

I had an attorney in Dayton. He sent a private investigator to Louisiana to see about me, but he wanted me to give him permission to collect money from a settlement ($4 million dollars plus $150,000). I refused. When I bonded out I brought charges against him because I know he had a hand in helping them keep me. My charges were accepted by Dayton and they found him at fault. I couldn't follow through because I was found guilty by a jury that was made up of 10 Caucasians and two African Americans. One of the jurors who was African American had a son who was dating a Caucasian woman that I had been in jail with before the trial. She and I had a very ugly confrontation. She swore to get me. When her boyfriend, the juror's son, told her his father was a juror at my trial, she started talking about my case. All three admitted in court that they had talked about the case. This is called "jury misconduct" or "jury tampering." It is illegal in every state in the country except for Louisiana. My motion for a new trial was still denied.

The public defender told me not to wear the khimar (head covering worn by Muslim women). The judge was angry because I would not remove my khimar. I didn't flinch or cry when he told me 20 years. The District Attorney wanted me double-billed because of an incident of self-defense in Dayton, Ohio ten years ago. At the double-bill hearing the judge was expected to sentence me to 40 years. He looked at me. I looked at him. I was still wearing my khimar. I smiled. He gave me 25 years. When I was admitted, I had to endure abuse from prisoners and guards because of my faith. I have had urine and feces thrown on me by inmates and while I was in jail had my shoulder dislocated by a male guard because I would not take the khimar off. I have high blood pressure and heart problems. If that isn't enough there have been two chemical spills at the plant across the from the correctional facility. I am able to receive religious materials, but after four years of confinement have yet to receive religious instruction from someone from the Islamic community.

Mary (Maryam) Uloho is being persecuted because she is a Muslimah of African American descent and for no other reason. She is a political prisoner. This is a travesty and all right minded people need to stand up and say- enough!

You are invited to write to Sis. Maryam:

Maryam Uloho #464534 .PO Box 26, St. Gabriel, LA 70776

Entire Queens Family Arrested as Intimidation

For questions, contact: Fahd Ahmed, DRUM (940) 391-2660

At 5am on the morning of January 9th, 2007, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raided the Queens home of and arrested three members (father, mother, and daughter) of the Siraj family, a tight-knit Pakistani family that has been caught up in the U.S. "War on Terror's" most recent act of racial and religious profiling. Tuesday's deplorable raid on the home of an innocent family is amongst dozens of other targeted, prejudiced sweeps across the country that are tearing Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities apart. The arrests occurred less than 12 hours after their young son, Shahawar Matin Siraj, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for alleged terrorism-related charges emerging from a clandestine NYPD-paid informant's entrapment.

ICE officials are currently falsely reporting that the family was arrested on immigration-related charges and that the father's appeal for an asylum case was "denied." The reality is that the father's appeal is still pending in the Second Circuit Court and has not been decided, and that the mother and teenage daughter do not have any immigration cases or deportation orders pending against them. Given the high-profile media attention on their son's case, in which there were many underhanded legal irregularities and rights violations, these arrests are being seen by the community as an attempt to silence and make an example of the family through harassment. The family maintains that their son was ensnared by an NYPD informant, evidence of which the court did not properly consider, resulting in an unfair trial and sentencing. The family has filed a notice of appeal for their son's case.

Both the father and the mother have ongoing and severe medical conditions, and the mother was only allowed to take two days of medicine at the time of the arrests. All family members are currently being held at Elizabeth Detention Center in Elizabeth, NJ, but they may be moved or separated to different facilities.

DRUM, as a community based organization that works with Muslim and South Asian immigrants and has seen the targeting of this community before and especially after 9/11, is calling on all concerned individuals and organizations to contact the ICE Field Office Director, at 973-645-3666 ext. 0, and demand that (a) the Siraj family be immediately released on their own recognizance or a reasonable bond, and, (b) that ICE stop targeting immigrant communities, in particular Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians. DRUM is also calling on all people of conscience to call Warden Charlotte Collins at Elizabeth Detention Center, at 908-352-3776, to demand that (a) they provide urgent medical care and medication for the mother and father, and (b) that the Siraj family be kept together, particularly the mother and daughter not be separated, and, (c) to pro-actively facilitate direct communication and visitation between the family and their son, Matin, who is being held at Metropolitan Detention Center. DRUM, alongside countless civil and human-rights organizations and concerned citizens will continue to expose the ongoing injustices of the "War on Terror" against this family and all targeted communities.

2007-01-11 Thu 19:18:03 cst