Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 17, 1425/ April 8, 2004 #45
FUNNIEST QUOTE of 2004 [Till now]:
"These people hate freedom. We love freedom." [President Bush on Iraqi resistance, April 6.]

SILLIEST QUOTE of 2004 [Till Now]:
"It's not a Shi'a uprising. These are just thugs." [General Myers, U.S. military chief, referring to Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr's uprising.]
WAR NEWS: Compiled by our Media Monitor
RAMADI: Mujahideen on Attack.
MOSQUE HIT WITH Two 500 kg BOMBS at Zuhr Prayers: 40 Killed.

There is a barrage of news coming out of Iraq. New Trend has been able to sort out the following facts:

The U.S. is using maximum fire power against the resistance, including jet fighters, AC-130 rapid firing helicopter gunships, Abrams tanks and heavily armed infantry.
The Iraqi mujahideen are a lightly armed, rag tag group but are supported by the population. Like classical guerrilla fighters, they move as fish in water.
The U.S. propaganda gambit of "we are liberating" Iraq has become a bad joke.
U.S. attempts to take Fallujah have failed after three days of block buster attacks.
On April 7, reports came out that the U.S. had attacked a mosque in Fallujah killing 40 people who had assembled for Zuhr prayers. During the day, the U.S. wouldn't admit that it had hit a mosque ['our policy is not to hit mosques.'] However, by the end of the day, the U.S. admitted [source: NPR] that it had dropped TWO 500 kg bombs on the courtyard of the mosque only to flatten its wall. It claimed that ONLY ONE person had been killed. However, Associated Press reported that 40 people had been killed and there was no sign of fighters in the mosque before the bombing.
In Ramadi, on April 6 a new element entered the conflict when for the first time, instead of roadside bombs and hit-and-run raids, the mujahideen actually took on America's best troops in frontal combat, killing 12 American troops and wounding 20. The U.S. claims that 60 Iraqis were killed in the fighting.
LARGE NUMBERS OF CIVILIANS are being killed as the U.S. batters its way into Fallujah. Hospitals in the city have given a count of 60 killed and 150 wounded (before the mosque bombing).
As-Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr is openly defying the military might of the U.S. General Kimmit, operations commander for the occupation forces, has threatened to destroy the Shi'ite militia and to put the Islamic leader on trial as a criminal.
The Sayyid is on the point of taking away the leadership of the Shi'ite community from Ayatollah Sistani. The forces of Al-Sadr have taken over both Najaf and Kerbala as well as Kut, from where they ejected the Ukrainian mercenaries.
In Kerbala, the "al-Mehdi" militia of the charismatic Sayyid are fighting Polish troops.. One of the deputies of the Sayyid were killed by the Poles.
Kazakhistan has announced that will withdraw its small contigent in May. Japan is concerned about the safety of its troops.
SPORADIC FIGHTING HAS OCCURRED in Baghdad. In one incident, Shi'is and Sunnis united to fight the Americans. [Two American soldiers were killed in the fighting.] Calls for SHIA-SUNNI UNITY have gone out. The heat of battle against a foreign and hated enemy, seen as responsible for the slow death of a million Iraqi children during the sanctions regime, is bringing the two sects together.
PRESIDENT SADDAM HUSSAIN has been FLOWN OUT OF IRAQ. Evidently the Americans think, the wave of revolution in Iraq could try to free the captive leader of the country.
SPECIAL CLARIFICATION. Zionist media have been spreading the story that Sayyid al-Sadr's father was killed by Saddam Hussain. Read the reports carefully and it comes out that it was nothing more than a rumor spread by the enemies of Iraq, both Zionists and Iranians. Al-Sadr himself does not believe it. [In these times, every possible crime can be attributed to President Hussain because he cannot answer.]
Q & A:
[From Ahmed in New Jersey: There is a White American who is a Sufi and is much respected by the White House. He knows Arabic and is a scholar with a following in north California. He says that according to the Prophet, pbuh, the greater jihad is 'The Jihad of the heart, or the jihad of the spirit.'
I could not find it in Qur'an or Bukhari. Please clarify.]

Answer by Kaukab Siddique:
In America, Muslims have the duty of peacefully giving the message of Islam. The jihad with the sword is not applicable to a Muslim minority living in a non-Muslim country. Jihad with weapons is appropriate where Muslims are being physically attacked. {There are many aspects of Jihad which I have written and spoken about elsewhere.}

I think I know whom you are asking about. If he said what you have quoted about him, he is indeed a liar. Though we must live peacefully in America, it does not mean that we should talk dishonestly about Islamic texts and try to denigrate those who are on the battlefield. Allah and the Prophet (pbuh) have given the fighters a place above all other Muslims.

The quotation you have given IS NOT FOUND IN ANY OF THE SIX AUTHENTIC BOOKS OF HADITH. Great Islamic scholars have debunked it as a fabrication. Among the scholars whom you can read on this are Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman and Hassan al-Banna. Here is what the martyr Shaikh al-Banna had to say:
"The belief is widespread among many Muslims that fighting the enemy is the lesser jihad, and that there is a greater jihad, the jihad of the spirit. Many of them invoke as proof of the following narration [athar]:
The Prophet said: 'We have returned from the lesser jihad to embark on the greater jihad.' They said: 'What is the greater jihad?' He (the Prophet) said: 'The jihad of the heart, or the jihad of the spirit.' Some of them try, by recourse to this, to divert people from the importance of fighting, preparing for combat, and resolving to undertake it and embark on Allah's way. This narration IS NOT REALLY A SOUND HADITH: The Prince of Believers in matters of Hadith, Al-Hafiz b. Hajar, said in Tasdid al-Qaws:
'It is well-known and often repeated, and was a saying of Ibrahim b. 'Abla.' "
So, dear reader, it is not a saying of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, who placed armed struggle above all else and prayed for martyrdom.
US troops kill eight demonstrators in Kirkuk as helicopter crashes northeast of Baghdad
07-04-2004, 12:55

At least eight Iraqis were shot dead Wednesday and 12 wounded in an exchange of gunfire with US occupation forces during a demonstration west of Kirkuk to protest US raids on Fallujah, police and medics said.

Awad Khalaf al-Juburi, police chief in Hawija, some 50 kilometers west of Kirkuk, said there had been a demonstration by about 1500 persons to denounce what they called the massacres committed by the American troops in Fallujah.

US marines were engaged in fierce fighting Wednesday with resistance fighters in Fallujah.

Elsewhere, a U.S. military helicopter crashed Wednesday and was seen burning in the central Iraqi city of Baqouba, where Shiite militiamen and American troops were also fighting, The AP reported.

The crash came immediately after an explosion was heard. The helicopter was seen in flames in a field near a residential neighborhood. U.S. troops closed off the site.

U.S. troops and Shiite fighters clashed Wednesday in Baqouba, some 50 kilometers northeast of Baghdad. During the fighting, the Shiites attacked the governor's offices with rocket-propelled grenades, The AP added.
by Ather Masood [New Trend's veteran journalist in Chicago]

On a warm, breezy afternoon Protestors took over downtown Chicago. Amongst a sea of Muslims, Christians, Jews, of every shape, protestors rallied against the continued Military intervention in Iraq. An estimated 10,000 protestors marched from the famous waterpower plaza, All the way to City Hall, finally stopping at the Chicago Federal Plaza.

Aron Patterson, Fred Hmapton Jr., Kathy Kelly, Congressman Dany Davis, and the Reverend Jessie Jackson all marched blocking everything in their path. Incorporating the issues of Falsteen, Reparations, illegal detentions, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Haiti, and Iraq, marchers closed ranks in a show of force for everyone to see. Disagreements arose over the proposed route between marchers and police officials.

Very few onlookers showed visible signs of anguish against the realists. In fact some of the police themselves shouted in support of marchers banners. Six people were originally counted as arrested. Three people were later found only to have been jailed. The effects of these huge protests in the City of Chicago definitely contribute to an Anti-Bush sentiment which is now growing beyond leaps and bounds. Muslim Community representatives did show up in force, alongside others issuing call for concern.

Also included were representatives from the Native-American community who spoke out against mascots used to mock Native peoples nationwide. (The University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne being the most infamous), the Puerto-Rican community condemning Iraq conflicts, Philipino-Activists condemning Anti-Muslim behavior in Southern Philippines, Cuban activists amongst others.

Stopping at City-Hall offices the marchers condemned the Mayor for not taking a strong stand to allow open protesting in downtown Chicago. Crossing the Chicago river with the water dyed green, Deebka performers and Philipino ethnic musical artists provided a light background from the fiery speeches and shouts. Disabled Americans, who have had their programs destroyed by Iraqi-War, led the march in wheel-chairs to show how the Heartland is in crisis.

Pro-War marchers showed up in very small groups. Most of them were in motorcycles and a handful of Alderman holding a counter-rally. Large numbers of family members effected by the war came holding portraits of loved ones now dead. THE VERY NUMBER OF PORTRAITS CARRIED BY LOVED-ONES REVEALS TRUE CASUALTY NUMBERS ARE NOT BEING TOLD. The number of stories, letters, and complaints from actual service men and women were on display for anyone to read. It was clear, after reading these letters myself (from the hands of service member family representatives) that Iraq has turned into a "lawless state of despair," as one soldier wrote in a letter to his mother. Repeatedly letters written to family members speak of American dissensions, killing of civilians, mass-adultery, looting, shootings, and even a lack of equipment. "The war has not ended. It actually is still taking place," a letter addressed to an Illinois family member stated. "We were told how nice Iraq would be. Nothing can be further than the truth," the letter read. Another letter read stated "Looks like we were ill-prepared to begin with on purpose." Allah knows best.


March 17, 2004


Dear Al-Jazeera,

Marhaba and Asalam-ailikum.

May this message find you well and in good spirits.

After four months I recently hit up your website address. It was wonderful to read some of your stories which other media outlets routinely missed, especially things pertaining to the Middle East in particular.

However, I do notice that these days your presentations do not have the power of Sisters Ridley or Shasta. It seems to me that for all-intensive purposes AL-jazeera has followed the example of other media outlets fearing the repercussions of American policy.

I would like to remind you that Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia journalists continue to be of special target in Iraq. One only has to read any flimsy news report for this to become clear. I ask how has your present policy changed your level of comfort? It has not. In fact after letting the two sisters go, your reporting has become maligned in my opinion which serves the purpose of American dictatorial foreign policy. Perhaps they too have made this clear in your mind?

Did you know that I used to look with pride on Al-Jazeera's coverage? But how sad it is that you have become the very thing you so eloquently criticized before: a voice for elitists favoring Western materialism over non-materialistic, Muslim/Arab traditional, non-consumption living. Anyone reading your website would realize this fact.

I find it particularly hilarious how you focus on Bollywood and choose very little coverage on Muslims being denied their very Human Rights on the Subcontinent. Some coverage to this issue was given, but compared to Bollywood's coverage it is nothing.

Believe it or not I actually regret introducing your services within certain circles in America, Mexico, Canada, and England.

I really advise that you enter into dialogue with sisters Ridley and Shasta. Your reporting on Anti-War and Falasteen matters has become very transparent in my view. It was not that way previously.

I am open to any corrections and criticism from your side.

Still your brother in Islam.

Ather Muhammad Masood

Islamic Peoples Movement.

2004-04-11 Sun 10:20ct