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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 12,1430/ October 30, 2009, # 51

Highly educated Islamic woman in America wants Sunnah in her life and ponders what Sunnah means. Beautiful message. Scroll way down

From Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina.]

Spotlight: Our daughters crave love from their fathers. The little one want to be hugged ten times a day. This has nothing to do with sexuality. This is a need for affection. If we do not give them the affection they crave, they will go to others. Think about what that can mean.

By contrast, our sons want love by wrestling, running, attempting to dare and extend endurance. Are we giving our sons the activities they need? How much did the Prophet, pbuh, walk? The Hadith says, he walked to Taif and back. He walked most of the way during the hijrah from Makkah to Madina. Do we walk? Our daughters and sons would love to walk with us, but do we?

Condemn the latest Jewish Attempt to insult Jesus, pbuh
From Dr. Kaukab Siddique, on behalf of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Lack of respect for the sacred is typical of the behavior of many Jews in America.
It is no accident that every now and then insults are aimed at Mary, pbuh, and Jesus, pbuh, by Jews of various backgrounds and sects.
Blasphemy and abuse come easily to many Jews. As a result, respect for all that is sacred and decent is on the decline in America.

The latest is a "comedy" in the Jewish Journal visualizing a Jew urinating on Jesus, pbuh.

Jews probably don't realize that Mary and Jesus, peace be on them, are beloved of Muslims too. These attacks by the Jews are blasphamy which no Muslim can tolerate.
The Qur'an says about Jesus, pbuh:
"When Jesus came with clear Signs, he said: 'Now have I come to you with Wisdom and in order to make clear to you some of the points on which you dispute. Therefore fear Allah and obey me." [The Qur'an 43:63]

We urge all Muslims to condemn the continuing abuse and insults and ridicule aimed by Jews at Jesus, pbuh. No Muslim can be a friend of a Jew who is intolerant and abusive in the slightest towards Jesus, pbuh.

For a Christian counterattack on the Jewish attackers, see our dear friend Mark Glenn's
The Ugly Truth
Just another weblog

Juma Khutba in Baltimore, Maryland

The Murder of Imam Luqman Abdullah in Michigan: Abuse and Disinformation by the Government.
Why are Muslims Disunited and Fearful? Why have US Muslims become a disgrace to the Ummah?

Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba in central Baltimore on October 30, 2009. It was a small gathering; hence the main points are published here for mass distribution in America and the Muslim World.

Posted on Fri, Oct. 30, 2009
Police Repression Comes to a Pennsylvania Liberal Arts College. [Emphasis added.]

Connecticut student at center of Lincoln University protests

Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-5987

By the time Lincoln University junior Amelia Sherwood found a moth in her salad last month, she was fed up. The school's library had been closed for renovations since January 2008 and the 20-year-old elementary-education major had complained by e-mail to the university's president. Sherwood, a vegetarian, picked the chicken off her salad - a vegetarian salad was not available - ate some of it and found the moth, and that put her over the edge. So, the honor student from Connecticut went on a hunger strike. It was a small but drastic measure designed to draw attention to the closure of the library at the Chester County institution and to food services that she and others insist are poor. She began to post fliers around campus about the library's value. She tried to convince people to avoid the school cafeteria. Then, three days after her hunger strike began, she says, campus police "tackled" her. On Wednesday about noon, students protested in the rain about Sherwood's treatment, about the library situation and about other campus conditions, including the food service. "I'm very concerned," Kaukab Siddique, an English professor, said at the demonstration about Sherwood's brush with campus security. "Our [university] president should make it clear that nonviolent protest is acceptable," Siddique said.
"That's the last bastion of freedom. You can't have police action against students who are protesting in a nonviolent way."

Alicia Sherwood, Amelia's mother, said she recently received a letter that Amelia would be honored at a ceremony Nov. 12 with other students for high academic achievement.
She said she was appalled at her daughter's alleged treatment. "I wish she would transfer," she said.
The trouble began Sept. 30, when Sherwood was posting fliers outside the cafeteria. A campus police officer asked her what she was doing and for her to produce identification.
Thinking it was none of his business, Sherwood refused, saying that she had to go to class, and walked away from him.
She went into her dorm room to get things for class, and the officer was waiting for her in the hallway, she said.
She again refused to show ID when asked, and that's when three other officers came, she said.
She kept walking, and four male police officers "tackled" her to the floor, Sherwood said. Sherwood said that she was brought to campus police headquarters and "handcuffed and chained to a chair."
She was charged by the university's judicial board with assault on the officers, among other infractions, and given a two-week suspension - later reduced to one week - and 40 hours of community service.
A university spokeswoman would not comment about the incident or Sherwood's suspension.
The demonstrators protesting on Wednesday said that campus police had used excessive force, but they were also at the campus on Old Baltimore Pike near Oxford, Pa., to draw attention to Sherwood's original points - no library and shoddy food service.
Siddique, the English professor, said part of university learning is to to be able to go into a library and browse the shelves.
"A student may go in looking for one book but may find seven others they need on the shelves," he said.
"I was appalled at the way it was happening," Sherwood, said, about the long wait for the library's renovation.
Sherwood said she had learned in a letter from university President Ivory V. Nelson that the library renovation has been delayed, in part, because the university, a state-sponsored school, did not have enough money from the Legislature to proceed on schedule with the $17 million project. The state budget impasse further delayed funding, he said.
On Tuesday, the day before the protest, Samuel W. Pressley, a university spokesman, said that despite the library's closing, students can go to "modules," or trailers, where they can request books from library staffers.
But students said that they have to wait at least 24 hours for library staffers to retrieve books.
Pressley said the library was built in 1972 and needed major renovations.
"But when it's completed, it's going to be an awesome facility, really state-of-the-art and cutting edge," Pressley said.
It may be completed by late 2010 or early 2011, he said.
Another of Sherwood's complaints was that Lincoln's cafeteria, run by Sodexo, had gotten a 60 out of 100 score during an October 2008 inspection by the Chester County Health Department.
The same records show that Sodexo's cafeteria at the School at Church Farm, in Exton, had received a 92 out of 100.
Yesterday, Sodexo spokeswoman Monica Zimmer conceded that the 2008 inspection "did not meet our high food-safety standards.
"And within 24 hours, we took action to correct all of the health- inspection concerns. We are confident that the Sodexo operation at Lincoln will pass its next inspection with high scores."
To Sherwood, the moth she found was evidence that those corrections didn't stick.
Her hunger strike lasted 11 days - she said she drank only water or juice - ending when Nelson agreed to meet with her and the two discussed her concerns.

"At that point, I wasn't hungry for anything physical," Sherwood said. "I was hungry for change, and I was hungry for a better university."
She said that nothing came of the meeting, but "I can only hope that the student body will take action and fight for their education. At the end of the day, I'm fighting for them as well as for me."

Our America: By Anisa Abdel Fattah [Michigan]
Referring to a recent Crime in the news which neglected Palestine.

Stop Gang Rape

15 young Americans stood by and watched an innocent girl be repeatedly raped and battered for two and half hours, and did nothing.
In Dec. 2008, 300 Million Americans watched as Palestine was raped and battered in a criminal Israeli assault on Gaza that lasted for three weeks*.
Now our Congress wants to prevent an investigation and to act with Israel to undermine international law. Tell are we any different than the 15 criminals who raped an innocent girl, or those who stood by and watched it happen and did nothing! ?

America must oppose H.R. 867 **and tell our President ENOUGH!" It's time for justice for Palestine, and an end to impunity. Support International Law, and the Geneva Conventions. Demand that the Goldstone report be sent to the UN Security Council.

Contact your Congressman and tell them to VOTE NO ON H.R. 867!

* over 1500 civilians, mostly women and children killed, weapons of mass destruction and illegal weapons were used such as white phosphorous, nearly fifty thousand homes demolished, millions are homeless and refugees since occupation, most animals and live stock destroyed while Israeli army was pulling out of Gaza, trees and farms uprooted ...

** H.R. 867 introduced by Congresswoman Ros-Lechitim of Florida, who receives generous payment from AIPC, the only foreign lobby in the US who is registered as American Lobby for Israel.

Do I Have to Follow the Sunnah?
Excerpted from

Growing up in Pakistan, as a child, Sunnah was something a mullah, uneducated villagers and servants practiced. They did so by hitching up their shalwaars and sporting beards. And women wore burqas, and did not make eye contact.
(I noticed recently from the fashions in Pakistan that the women wear hitched up pajamas showing their ankles and men wear droopy pants that cover theirs)
In beginning to studying the tafseer of the Quran and the life of the Prophet peace be upon him, I realize, that I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg of what is the Sunnah leave alone attempt to practice it in its entirety. I will need a long lifetime and dedicated study to do so.

The question was asked by a sister in a halaqa which set my mind searching:
"Prophet Muhammad used to go to Hajj on a camel, why don't we do that? Isn't it a Sunnah?

In teasing out the information for my own use, I have come to the following conclusion. if it is incorrect, please correct me.

Dua: May Allah Subhanawataala forgive me and correct my mistakes through increased ilm and expert compassionate mentors:

From my understanding of what I have read: Sunnah means
"The actions and methods of doing things as was done by our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh

The question is what are these "things"?

In my mind from my review, I understand that there are three types of sunnahs:
  1. Sunnahs of Ibadah
  2. Sunnahs of daily living and interaction with people, business transactions, social interactions, personal life, principles of character and behavior.
  3. Sunnahs of logistics, use of conveyance, e.g. camels, horses etc for conveyance, material used for buildings, use of stones to make fire etc.
The first Sunnah i.e. the Sunnah of Ibadah is an absolute Sunnah, it came directly from God to Prophet Muhammad and he transmitted it to us to teach it to all future generations.

This includes the obligatory fulfillment of the pillars of Islam, the method of the nafila prayers, and fasts and the essence of comportment while doing so. Changing or modulating these Sunnahs amounts to "innovation" or "inventing " Deen, which is prohibited and comes under "Bidah".
Allah Subhanawataala says in the Quran that " Obey Allah and His Rasool"

These sunnahs are clearly delineated with well-referenced lines of isnad, i.e. documentation by linear references of scholars whose work and character has been well researched for authenticity and honesty.

On a side note I realize how gullible and unquestioning we are that we will firmly believe in an email or a you tube clip as a fact but have no idea where it originated and who is the author leave alone the authenticity and character of the author. Sometimes even if one asks for the author or origin we are not aware of the source. Yet the very same, otherwise gullible people question the well-researched "Sahih " i.e. authentic Sunnah by reputable scholars.

The Sunnah of daily living is an example of Prophetic behavior: Hazrat Aisha RA described Prophet Muhammad as "the living Quran".
Thus if one cannot read or understand the Quran due to some learning deficiency we can follow Prophet Muhammad pbuh's behavior and we would end up living as Allah Subhanawataala has commanded in the Quran for us to do so. We will become closer to What Allah Subhanawataala likes. Therefore the Sahabah followed it to a T.
Here we have a choice, we can either want to be liked and loved by Allah Subhanawataala by obeying the Rasool and following his manner, etiquette and way of life or we can choose to go with our Nafs and indulge in the desires dictated by it. (I am not saying making that choice is easy though it may appear to be so untill it is applied to our personal lives. I have not reached the point of always choosing the pleasure of Allah, but I will inshallah! Please make dua for me).
Allah Subhanawataala has given us a guiding light in this world with the example of a man who eats, breathes sleeps just like us, he is not super human, nor is he an angel.
He, like us, has emotions of grief, love, happiness, sadness and disappointment and by observing his reaction to these emotions and emulating them we can find peace and comfort.
We have been awarded a living guidebook from Allah in the person of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. His life and movements even his personal habits have been documented in great detail by several authentic scholars, and to this day he remains the most well described man in the history of the world. Perhaps no other human being would stand up to such scrutiny.
We can use his example to resolve issues, respond to feelings of despondency or ecstasy and power or powerlessness; in a manner that we know is pleasing to Allah. We know this because this is how it was done by His (Subhanawataaala's) beloved Messenger Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.
Thus by responding to challenges as he (pbuh) did we remain in the circle of approval with Allah Subhanawataala.
In order to respond to adversarial circumstances in the manner that Prophet Muhammad pbuh did, we have to develop a character like him. If we eat sleep, pray and behave like him then when we are faced with a major challenge in life, we will by default respond to it like him, because we have absorbed those attributes of strength and consistency within us and will thus be able to absorb the shock and yet survive in a graceful and thankful manner.
The more we emulate Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, the more we please Allah. The proof is in the answer to: Did he (pbuh) not please Allah with his behavior? We know that for a fact because Allah Subhanawataala validates that in the Quran, by saying "Obey Allah and his Rasool"

The third type of Sunnah is logistics of materials of the "asbaab" or means. This could also be called Seerah rather than Sunnah but it does fall under "things" that Prophet Muhammad pbuh used for doing.

For example we have to get to Muzdalifa from Arafat in a fixed time period, then we have to come up with a logistical means to do so. The only fixed point in this equation is the time as to when we have to reach Muzdalifa, not "how"

Thus using camel, cars, airplanes or futuristic conveyances do not interfere with the Sunnahs that will develop our character, our strength and our faith.
As long as the means used are halal and are obtained with halal earnings we are within the realm of the Sunnah.

My efforts are to first learn and practice the sunnahs of ibadah, and here and there add the Sunnah of daily living (such as eating and sleeping habits) , progressively immersing myself in these as these facilitate my ibadah.
Inshallah this will give me strength to go to the next and higher level of "obeying Allah and His Rasool"

This is how I understand the Sunnah.

Please feel free to comment, add with references or refute with references.
Allah knows best!

Pakistan: Secularist ANP Regime [US linked] Uses Force to Stop Peaceful Islamic Rally in Bannu

LAHORE, Oct. 26: Jamaat e Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch and deputy SG, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, have strongly condemned the ban on the entry of JI chief Syed Munawar Hasan in Bannu and the police latchi charge on the JI public meeting there on Monday. In a press statement here, they announced protest against the fascism of the ANP government tomorrow, throughout the NWFP besides Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. Syed Munawar Hasan was on way to Bannu in a procession after addressing a large gathering at Karak when he was stopped at Kashu check post , 20 km from Bannu by the district administration. He was accompanied by ex-Senator Siraju Haq and other party leaders. The district administration disrupted the public meeting at Bannu and the police latchi charged the participants and took to aerial firing. About thirty of the JI workers were also arrested. . The JI leaders said that the ANP had always been the agents of colonial rulers and it had been unnerved on the success of JI public meetings in D.I. Khan and Karak. Now it had resorted to fascist tactics to please its masters in Washington.

Islamic Leader Syed Munawar Hasan says Pakistanis Can Solve Issues through Dialogue, not by Military Operations

LAHORE, Oct. 25: The Jamaat e Islami Chief Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that the military operation in Waziristan has led to discord all over the country and made our nuclear assets insecure. Militancy can be cured only through dialogue as military operations have always sowed the seeds of hatred, he said on Sunday while addressing the Go America Go rally at Topanwala Chowk, D.I .Khan, on the first leg of his tour to the area, says a Mansoora press release here. The JI chief said those carrying out military operation in Waziristan had left the people at the mercy of the oppressive weather. He said, the Chief of Army Staff's letter would not ensure the success of the military operation nor win over the hearts of the Mehsud tribe.
It was an irony that the rules were keen for a dialogue with New Delhi when Indian leaders were threatening of direct attacks on this country. It would be advisable to have dialogue with our own people to overcome the simmering situation, he stressed. He demanded of the Prime Minister and the Army Chief to present a balance sheet on the military operations before the nation to let it know if this had helped control terrorism. He accused the ANP of being a party in the killing of the Pakhtoons. The JI chief met a delegation of the Mehsud tribes at the Circuit House. The delegation was led by JI deputy chief for tribal areas Zarnoor Afridi and JI Waziristan chief Samiullah Jan Mehsud. It apprised the JI chief of the situation arising out of the military operation and the displacement of the residents of the area. The JI chief assured of all out support to the affectees by the JI and the Al-Khidmat Foundation.
Addressing the rally, Syed Munawar Hasan said that the US after having been defeated in Afghanistan, was trying to shift this war to Pakistan to punish this country because of its Islamic character. He however declared that nobody including President Zardari would be allowed to compromise the ideological character of the country. He said the US wanted amendments in our constitution and laws in favor of the Qadyani and other non Muslims and the Punjab Governor and MQM leader Altaf Husain were on that mission. He categorically stated that no such amendments would be allowed. He said the masses had already rejected the Kerry Lugar Bill in the referendum on Friday. . Earlier, on arrival at the DIK bridge, the JI chief was received by JI deputy chief Sirajul Haq, Provincial JI secretary Shabbir Ahmed Khan and others. He was conducted to the Circuit House in the form of a procession.

Military and US Agents Seen as Culprits in Mass Slaughter of Civilians in Peshawar
New Trend's Pakistan observers say that there was no benefit of any kind for the Taliban in the latest explosions in Peshawar. There was no "suicide bomber" but the government, without investigation, started attributing the slaughter to the Taliban.
As Imran Khan pointed out earlier, the government is trying to turn the public against the Taliban. These killings seem to be part of the deadly campaign.
The following notice appeared in a small newspaper in the extreme northwest of Pakistan but was ignored by the westernized Pakistani and foreign media:

Taliban, al-Qaeda disown Peshawar blast

The News :

RAWALPINDI: The Taliban and al-Qaeda have denied involvement in the Peshawar bomb blast and said they do not explode bombs in bazaars and mosques. According to a statement of al-Qaeda, they are not involved in the killing of innocent people. According to al-Qaeda sources, the elements, who want to defame Jehad and refugees, are behind the Peshawar bomb blast. The al-Qaeda sources say they would continue Jehad against America and its agents across the world. The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in an email sent to the media also condemned the Peshawar blast and denied its involvement in the Meena Bazaar explosion. --(The News)

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