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Add to CCNow Cart_  15.00 New Trend 1 year subscription (International)
Add to CCNow Cart_  10.00 New Trend 1 year subscription (USA/Canada)
Add to CCNow Cart_   1.00 New Trend sample copy
Add to CCNow Cart_   3.00 DAJJAL by Kaukab Siddique.
Add to CCNow Cart_   6.00 Al-Fateha & its Significance by Shamim Siddiqui
                                          [A must for understanding the message of the five daily prayers.]
Add to CCNow Cart_  25.00 APOCALYPSE 1945: The Destruction of Dresden by David Irving, 316 pages
Add to CCNow Cart_  50.00 Churchill's War, Volume II, Triumph in Adversity, by David Irving, 1051 pages
Add to CCNow Cart_   1.00 Example of the Prophet's Mosque
Add to CCNow Cart_  13.95 The Fire This Time
Add to CCNow Cart_  50.00 Hitler's War by David Irving.
Add to CCNow Cart_   3.00 Islam Wave of the Future
Add to CCNow Cart_  10.00 Liberation of Women thru Islam
Add to CCNow Cart_   1.00 Malcolm x Martyr of Islam in America
Add to CCNow Cart_   5.95 Man's Twin
Add to CCNow Cart_   5.00 Mohammed a Prophecy Fulfilled
Add to CCNow Cart_  16.45 Return to Pakistan : Media Perspectives on Bush's Iraq & Afghanistan Wars,
                                          200 pages
                                          [For the first time, an American Muslim's analysis of the sensitive issues from
                                          Fallujah to the Red Mosque. Factual and hardhitting.]
Add to CCNow Cart_   9.95 The Struggle of Muslim Women
Add to CCNow Cart_  12.95 Women in Hadith Narratives. Issues and Polemics by Kaukab Siddique,PhD
Add to CCNow Cart_  10.00 Enlightening Juma khutba by Dr. Kaukab Siddique at
                                          Greensboro, North Carolina. [Valuable for New Generation of Muslims]
Hadith and Women: A DVD of Dr. Kaukab Siddique's speech and Q & A in Augusta, Georgia.

No one did more for the rights of women than Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
American Muslims, however, are being attacked by anti-Hadith propagandists ranging from neo-cons like Spencer to Perwaizi sectarians who want to discredit the Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh.
Those who have watched this DVD say, anti-Hadith forces don't have a case in the face of Dr. Siddique's elucidation.

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