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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijja 29,1431/December 6, 2010 # 48

Latest News from Pakistan:

December 5: Jamaate Islami organized a mass sit down rally (dharna) in central Islamabad. The theme was the economic condition of the people with spiraling prices and joblessness. The tragedy of "disappeared" persons was also emphasized, among them Dr. Aafia Siddiqui [now in a US prison cell] and numerous others. There is an AAFIA MOVEMENT in Pakistan supported by Jamaate Islami.

Large numbers of women attended the dharna and some of them addressed the gathering, including Ayesha Munawar [Syed Munawar's wife and a leader in her own right] and Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui [Aafia's sister].

Syed Munawar Hasan, Qazi Hussain Ahmad and a whole lineup of JI leaders addressed the gathering and condemned American intervention as well as military operations against Pakistanis.

December 5. In Mohmand agency, a martyrdom operator from the Pak Taliban blew up a gathering organized by General Kayani to form a militia to fight the Pak Taliban. The government losses were heavy, with at least 50 killed and a 100 wounded. Among the dead were tribal chiefs in the government's pay, police officers and government officials. [The US has given $7 billion to General Kayani to organize tribal elements against the Islamic forces.]

Scroll to the end for Jeff Archer's comments on Thanksgiving
Also, scroll down for Khilafah movement on Wikileaks

Re: Thoughts on "Thanksgiving" (by Nadrat Siddique)

Letter from Br. Shamim Siddiqui, USA's leading teacher of Da'wa, to His Children
Urges them to read Nadrat Siddique's article on Thanksgiving

Bachchu Khush Rahu [Children be happy],

Share it with your friends and relatives. [This is an extract from NT]. See how this nation is memorizing its brutalities. As such, a Muslim should not be part of this inhuman process. You all note it for future and educate your children to this effect.

Thanks to Sister Nadrat Siddique of New Trend. May Allah bless her and give her Tawfeeq to be more effective.

(Shamim Siddiqui)
Long Island, NY

From Imam Badi Ali [National Islamic Shoora] Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina

Spotlight # 1: Israel's occupation of Palestine is very unusual in some ways. Israel's victims are not compensated. Instead Israel is compensated. The Palestinians working for Israel are also compensated. They get the rewards of subjugating the Palestinian people on behalf of Israel.

Spotlight # 2: Christian Protestant churches are in many cases are quiet about the occupation of Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir and in some cases seem to be helping the occupiers. The Catholic church's attitude towards occupation is also very troubling. There are increasing resemblances to the times of the Crusades. The teachings of Jesus, pbuh, are being ignored and/or violated by many churches. Who will admonish them or teach them?

Letter from Israeli Paratrooper

Zionists Rally their Forces Against Dr. Siddique.
Financial Pressure Brought Against Lincoln University

Israeli paratrooper George Muenzes wanted to remind Lincoln University that the Pennsylvania government had been mobilized against Dr. Kaukab Siddique. He sent the following, published in a Jewish paper, to Lincoln University's top officials, President Nelson, Vice President Venerable, the three Deans, and the Chairperson of Dr. Siddique's department.

President Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D.
Lincoln University
1570 Baltimore Pike,
P.O. Box 179
Lincoln University, PA 19352

Dear President

As members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly we, as I'm sure you know, not only support Lincoln University financially, we also have a high regard for the University's excellent reputation and a large stake in its future success. Given this, we maintain a keen interest in what is happening at Lincoln, and how it affects the image of the school, and by extension, our image as a state.

It has recently come to our attention that Lincoln employs a literature professor by the name of Kaukab Siddique. Mr. Siddique has written an article and appeared in a video in which he denies that the Holocaust happened, calls for the destruction of Israel through the use of violence, and calls Jewish people a whole series of offensive names.

With regards to the Holocaust, Mr. Siddique writes:

"Open up the DISCUSSION of the HOLOCAUST story. What did really happen in World War II? The Auschwitz "gas chambers" story has been meticulously analyzed, rebutted and destroyed by critics like Mark Weber, David Irving. Germar Rudolf and Wilhelm Staeglich. These are scholars following the highest levels of scholarship. Notice that the chain bookstores do not carry their books and the corporate media simply don't mention them. Read even one of them and you'll be rid of the holocaust myth forever. Don't take the "holocaust" issue lightly. It is the main source of funds for international Jewry. It is Israel's milk cow."

With regards to Israel, Mr. Siddique writes:

"Israel is an ILLEGITIMATE, TERRORIST entity...DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH JEWS unless they clearly say that Israel is illegitimate. If you are careless, you might find that you have a doctor or a lawyer who supports Israel. You can pick and choose lawyers and doctors. Rabbis are the worst of the lot."

Regarding Jews, Mr. Siddique refers to them as "the hydra-headed monster" and "the devil who resides in Tel Aviv". Further, he asserts:

"The Jews are a small minority in America, yet they have taken over this country by devious and immoral means. They control the government, the media, education, the libraries, the book chains, the banks, Hollywood, Wall Street, Madison Avenue."

For reasons which I am sure are obvious, this sort of rhetoric raises concerns. We support academic freedom and certainly a professor has the right to criticize Israel, or any other entity or policy he wishes. However, we are all familiar with the adage "you are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts". I think this applies in this case. The Holocaust is not a theory or opinion, it is historically documented fact, denied only by those with a hateful anti-Semitic agenda.
We are hoping that you can provide some clarification on a number of issues begged by Mr. Siddique's conduct.

1. What level of awareness did Lincoln's administration have of Mr. Siddique's propensity to engage in the sort of speech described above when he was hired and awarded tenure?
2. Are Mr. Siddique's anti-Semitic diatribes any part of his class-room presentation, or other presentations outside oft he classroom but on campus?

3. What steps are being taken to ensure that Mr. Siddique is not teaching students at Lincoln University that the Holocaust is a myth, and is not perpetrating false and derogatory information regarding people of the Jewish faith?
We appreciate your prompt response and very much look forward to hearing from you. You may reply to me and I will pass along your reply to my caucus.

Very Truly Yours,

· State Senator Daylin Leach, District 17

· State Senator Jane Orie, District 40

· State Senator Vincent Hughes, District 7

· State Senator Anthony Williams, District 8

· State Representative Bryan Cutler, District 100
· State RepresentativeGordon Denlinger, District 99

· State Representative Eugene DePasquale, District 95

· State Representative Russ Fairchild, District 85
· State Representative Florindo Fabrizio, District 2

· State Representative Dan Frankel, District 23
· State Representative Mike Fleck, District 81
· State Representative Robert Freeman, District 136

· State Representative Pat Harkins, District 1
· State Representative Phyllis Mundy, District 120
· State Representative Harry Readshaw, District 36
· State Representative Ken Smith, District 112
· State Representative Dick Stevenson, District 8
· State Representative Rose-Marie Swanger, District 102

· State Representative Katie True, District 41

A Brief Response from Dr. Siddique to George Muenz

Character assassination by selective quotation will be defeated by our country's constitutional rights.

I am interested in research and scholarship. Are any of the persons listed in this letter experts in holocaust studies? Have they published anything?

What about you Mr. Muenz, do you have any credentials?

I say, let both sides be heard.

Muenz Writes again, Admitting his Israeli Connection


According to you, the Holocaust is a hoax. So I guess my late mother must have tattooed those numbers on her arm by herself, though she claimed to have had it done in Auschwitz. All my extended family that she claimed perished there, are probably all vacationing in Hawaii.

As for Israel, I served in the Israel Defence Forces, Paratroops, so I know more about the situation there first hand then you and your "scholarship"

Dr. Siddique's Reply to the Paratrooper

Israel is doing to the Palestinians what was done to the Jews in Europe.

At the end of the Bush administration, hundreds of children perished at the hands of Jewish Israeli monsters who attacked the population packed into Gaza with phosphorous.
I am sorry that Jewish mothers and children suffered but millions of German women and children were incinerated when entire German cities were wiped out by the friends of what you call Israel.

The German suffering has only recently been documented.

No group has appropriated the copyright for victimization.
I can see that service in the terrorist Israeli military has made it impossible for you to see the genocide committed by Israel:. FOUR MILLION PALESTINIANS EVICTED FROM THEIR HOMES.

Israeli Soldier Working For Baltimore Jewish Community Attacks African American Youth
[This was hidden away from the news for a while.]

Press Release From Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance
Rev. Heber Brown, III
Vice President
Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance
(410) 402-3211
pastor [at] pleasanthope [dot] org

Baltimore, MD, December 2, 2010 - The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance condemns the attack of the 15-year-old youth by a group of Jewish men on November 19th in the Upper Park Heights Community. Wanton violence is unacceptable and we welcome the opportunity to meet with youth and all concerned community groups. We will not stand by and allow our children to be victimized by over zealous violent fringe groups such as Shomrim.

We also are concerned that the incident is only now coming to public attention. We look forward to receiving the full investigative report, which we expect to be immediately forthcoming from the Baltimore City Police Department. We wish to see all of the offenders prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is no place for vigilantism in a civil society.

The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance is an historic federation of clergy-activists across the Baltimore Metro area, which advocates in solidarity with marginalized communities both locally and globally.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen NEWS

Amazing but True! Finally ISNA-CAIR Supporter Publishes a New Trend Report.

Nadrat Siddique's Extensive Interview with Sis. Karima al-Amin

December 3: Alhamdulillah, Muslim Link seems to have changed its policy.

Muslim Link is a local paper in the Maryland area which has for years publicized the pro-government propaganda of ISNA-CAIR and ICNA. It reached its lowest point when it put Clinton's Secretary General Medeleine Albright, known as Iraq's mass murderer, on its front page but refused to report on Jamaat al-Muslimeen's historic rally against Salman Rushdie at the Jewish cultural center, the Meyerhof.
Following Nadrat Siddique's ground breaking interview with Imam Jamil's wife, Sis. Karima, published in New Trend's November 8/Zulhijja 1, issue, Muslim Link was interested. After much thought, Alhamdulillah, Muslim Link published the complete interview along with New Trend's link [which was required by the interviewer.]

Looks like the pro-government cliques are breaking down. There is not much that ISNA and ICNA have to say much about anything other than picnicking. Muslim Link may now show them a new direction.

Happy Thanksgiving, Pakistan?
By Nadrat Siddique

So Dawn, Pakistan's largest daily paper, picked up on my piece, "Thoughts on Thanksgiving" (New Trend, November 27, 2010). Evidently, the Dawn Op-ed columnist, Irfan Husain, writes regularly for the pro-government daily. Amusingly, he is an old friend of my family, a testament to the variegations in mindset within a single family.

Husain's December 1 Op-ed begins with a detailed description of his family's thanksgiving turkey preparations, a practice they adapted during time spent stateside. He brags about serving the turkey to a Thanksgiving party. All of this occurs in Karachi, a Muslim city, in a Muslim land, whose very raison d'etre is Islam, and where the holiday does not exist. It is similarly absent from all neighboring countries, indeed from all of Asia. Amazingly, Husain claims Thanksgiving "is an entirely secular holiday, with no religious overtones." He appears woefully ignorant of the identity of the colonists who initiated White celebrations of Thanksgiving in New England (the northeastern part of the U.S.). The colonists were Puritans—men and women who attempted church reform in Britain. Unsuccessful, they emigrated to what later became Massachusetts Bay Colony (the site of many massacres of Native people). They were devout Christians (according to their understanding of Christianity) who emigrated for the sake of their religious faith; to characterize a holiday of their initiating as "secular" is simply inaccurate.

Husain's description of Thanksgiving? "A day that commemorates the feast provided to the early colonists by Native Americans, and is modelled [sic] after European harvest festivals." He neither disputes or confirms the central idea of my piece, i.e., the coincidence of the holiday with massacres of Native people, for which there is overwhelming evidence, leading to the necessity for people of conscience to disassociate from it.

Bizarrely, he claims to feel strongly about the plight of Native people, and does not take issue with any of the historical facts I bring forth in my article, writing rather eloquently that, "White colonists have an appalling record of virtual genocide in the lands and continents they conquered since the 16th century. Indeed, the history of every country in the Americas, as well as of Australia, is written in blood." But—he still insists on celebrating the holiday!

He delivers the rank old "If-you-don't-like-it-then-leave." In his words: "But surely Ms. Siddique should not be in America at all if she feels so strongly about the Native Indians, and what was done to them." It reminds me of the daily redneck cries at the sight of my hijab during the Iranian hostage crisis. "If you don't like it here, go back to Iran!" they would fling, not bothering to ask whether I was Iranian.

I wonder at such mindless response. Irfan Husain must have been sleeping in history class, when Emerson, Thoreau, Thomas Paine, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and others were discussed. Even in the slanted dominant culture version of history currently taught, the tradition of dissent is extolled. Husain misses the boat on the abolitionist movement, the civil rights movement, the Underground Railroad, Seneca Falls, and many other movements throughout U.S. history which chose dissent over emigration (although there were some which encouraged followers to emigrate). Husain and others of his ilk should stop and think about what he propounds: Country X hosting only people of Creed A; Country Y populated with only those of Creed B. What an odd world his would be, of homogeneity of thought within national borders.

The idea that Muslims, propelled by the command to amr bil mauroof and nahi unal munkari, should feel strongly about injustices, and should not leave but rather work for change, seems not to enter his mind at all.

He ridicules the idea of politely deflecting Thanksgiving greetings. I've done it plenty of times, taking care to employ a gentle, polite, friendly manner. It's fruitless to be acerbic or use charged terms like "genocide" (as he facetiously suggests in his ridicule), since the aim is to convey one's heartfelt sentiment, not denigration of the other. My deflection of the greeting is frequently met with questions as to why I don't celebrate the holiday, appreciation, or an apologetic "Oh well I don't really celebrate it either, it's just a time to get family together." The objective, to encourage thought—about popular celebrations and practices—is achieved. It is merely a starting point to get people thinking about injustices within society, and what can be done about them.

He claims that given the climate of Islamophobia in the U.S., Muslims should not be withdrawing from mainstream practices such as Thanksgiving. Husain continues, "Ms. Siddique should not then complain of not being accepted as Americans [sic] if they [sic] deliberately spurn American traditions." To me, his assorted apologia for Thanksgiving indicates a hopelessly colonized mindset. As a friend in London commented upon reading the op-ed, "People like Husain are importing the totalitarian petty tyrant mindset from banana republics into western states."

Irfan Husain and the ruling class of Pakistan should be aware that not all Pakistanis and Muslims living in the West yearn to blend into the woodwork, or to become groveling sycophants for the U.S. power structure. It is a matter of shame that my Pakistani "brothers," whose country is being bombarded by U.S. missiles, exhibit such servility to the U.S., while increasing numbers of Black and White Americans question the holiday, (as they question aspects of U.S. foreign policy). Many of my American friends refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving to show solidarity with Native People. (The Native people themselves gather at Plymouth, Massachusetts, near the site of the early Puritan landings, for a "Day of Mourning." It is a gathering in which I've participated in previous years, and encourage others to participate in as well. Pakistan's great revolutionary poet, Allamah Iqbal, wrote about the indelible concepts of self-identity and self-love. His writings challenge the "love your slave master, more than yourself" paradigm promulgated by Husain. Although I'm no expert in Iqbal, I'm quite sure he would not never be an apologist for "Thanksgiving."

Husain's comments exemplify the attitudes of Indo-Pak elites who visit or emigrate to the U.S. They ally themselves with the ruling class, insisting on self-delusion about American history, minimizing, denying, or overlooking the horrors of slavery, Jim Crow, and lynchings of Blacks. They are oblivious to Native peoples, whom they recall quaintly as noble savages seen in Westerns (popular in Pakistan), or spectacles to be viewed in a museum. These elites behave in arrogant and racist fashion, viewing themselves as superior to Black people, whom they view through the lense of Hollywood or corporate media, turning a blind eye to genocide, broken treaties, and treachery against Native People. As Steve Biko, the great South African freedom fighter said, "The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." By ruling class measure, at least, the weapon is already had.


Juma khutba in Baltimore, Maryland
How does Allah [God] enter our Lives?

Why does Islam radicalize and transform? It's not just another religion.

The following is a summary of Dr. Kaukab Siddique's latest Juma' [Friday] khutba at a small mosque in central Maryland. The main points are given here, so that khateebs across the country may try to incorporate them into their sermons.

Texts for the khutba:

We sent "Messengers who gave good news as well as warning that mankind, after the coming of the messengers, should have no plea against Allah: For Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise." The Qur'an 4:165

"And among His Signs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves, that you may live in serenity with them, and He has put love and mercy between you. Surely in that are Signs for those who think. And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and colors. Surely in that are Signs for those who have knowledge." 30: 21-22

"It was We who created the human being, and we know what suggestions his soul makes to him: For we are nearer to him than his jugular vein." 50:16

" ... When you threw dust at them [O Muhammad], it was not you who threw but Allah..."8:17

Main points:

· Allah sent messengers and prophets to all nations who told people that the way to success in this world and in the Hereafter is through rejection of human authority and the acceptance of Allah's Will.

· Muhammad, pbuh, was the LAST of this line of Guidance. His was the perfect example and the Guidance for ALL of humanity for all time to come.

· With some of the messengers, the revelation of Allah's words was sent in the form of Books, such as the Torah to Moses, the Psalms to David and the Injeel to Jesus. peace be on them all. In the Qur'an, the Final Message of Allah was revealed. All these Books were interpreted and implemented by the messengers.

· As long as humans followed the messengers' interpretation of the Books, they were radicalized and transformed but then they started their own interpretations and were led astray.

· Again Muhammad, peace be on him, has the distinction that his teachings were preserved with the greatest care and the strictest cross referencing in all of human history in Hadith narrated by his companions, r.a.
· So to find Allah's will, we must know and follow the example of Muhammad, pbuh, and study the Book revealed to him as understood by him.

· Next we can find Allah in the male-female relationship, through the mother's miracle of birth and through the complexity and beauty of the human system of life.

· Human beings are one family, differentiated by their colors and languages but united by the acceptance of Allah's blessings and revelations. There is NO COLOR line or NATIONALISM in Islam.

· Allah can be "seen" in the miraculous cohesion of the heavens and the earth. The Qur'an was the first to teach that heavenly bodies are not fixed but move, each in its own cycle.

· Allah is not located at a place but is nearer to us than our jugular vein. All we have to do to reach Him is to pray, lift our hands and ask Him. The five daily prayers are symbolic of rejection of the allure of this world and an ongoing revolution within our souls against oppressors and oppression. The lines for ritual prayer are lines for preparation for jihad against exploitation, oppression and the idols of wealth and race and nationality.

· When the human spirit becomes totally attuned to the Will of Allah, the human being becomes Allah's instrument for radical transformation. Sura 8 verse 17 refers to the battle of Badr when Muhammad, pbuh, prayed and then threw a handful of dust towards the oppressors. The battle changed the history of mankind.

· We Muslims are becoming like the Christians who say: "Jesus is my Savior," but instead of obeying Jesus, pbuh, they obey the White House or Israel. We Muslims believe in Allah and his Last Messenger, Muhammad, pbuh, but do we obey Allah and follow His messenger?

· We have Shar'ia which gives women their rights, including inalienable rights to inheritance and severe punishment to anyone regardless of rank for violation of marriage. Owing to Shar'ia, Muslims have largely avoided AIDS, though it is rampant among non-Muslims. But we are faltering and are avoiding the implementation of Shari'a owing to neo-colonial and imperialist pressures and cases of misuse by some Muslims.

· We have Sunnah. The Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh, is still alive. It is the only living example of a prophet's lifestyle. Owing to US mass culture, more and more we bring up our children without Sunnah. Do they wash their hands? Do they use water to clean themselves after defecating? Do they eat Zabiha and healthy food? Do they honor and respect women? Do they treat ALL women as sisters in humanity and mothers if they are older? Respect for women is going down because we ignore Sunnah.

· O Allah forgive our sins and shortcomings. O Allah! We pray for the victory of Islam in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir. Chechnya, Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria where the Muslims are struggling for victory. Above all we pray, O Allah, for your Help to defeat the Yahood and remove them from Palestine.


American Food Companies Ruining health of humanity globally!
Here is what can be done.

[Imam Badi Ali's thought provoking spotlights, Nov. 27 issue, about food and Islam, sparked this important response from Sis. Sofia in New York City.]

As -Salaam Elekum Brother! This is a response to the suggestions made in the November 27, 2010 issue of New Trend on-line newsletter regarding our eating habits.

Here are my suggestions and information regarding our poor health, obesity, from my personal experience. Of course, consult good doctors and professionals/nutritionists, in this matter as they say---but do not take their advice as God's truth for even their information must be taken with caution. So pay attention to your body's needs and make the choices that are best for you after consulting one and all around you.

Unfortunately, the health of young and old in many countries across the globe have received deadly blows within a decade or two because parents have given up traditional "cooking from scratch" and are choosing processed foods, that is foods that come packaged in cans, bottles and plastic wrappers or eating out in restaurants that use them.

Any food items that have preservative, stabilizers, sugars of various types, salts, oils, food colorings, and a long list of strange-sounding ingredients used to produced them are all proving to be a serious danger to human beings and we should all stop using them. Just look at young over-weight and obese children from countries such as U.A.E and Saudi Arabia and the fact that these people have given up traditional style cooking for fast foods from western-style mega "take-out" companies and you see how dangerous our eating habits have become for our health across the globe.

Against this onslaught, fasting or exercising and living an active lifestyle while continuing to eat processed food items is not the solution. Even United States' First Lady, Michelle Obama's efforts to protect American children is not really dealing with the main causes of our health problems. And politicians in the U.S. would not dare speak up against food companies ---that are feeding poison to billions of consumers around the globe or do anything to halt their money-making factories. It is up to us consumers to make the right choices for ourselves and for our families.

Food companies are only interested in making profits, not in protecting consumers. And capitalism does not have a social conscience or the welfare of humanity on its agenda. It is up to us consumers to stop buying all processed and factory-produced foods. Even breads and flours, even whole wheat breads for that matter, are processed food items.

So, if you wish to protect your health before you end up with serious, life-threatening diseases then go take a look in your refrigerators, freezers and pantry and get rid of all your breads, food items with added flours, salts, sugars, oils, stabilizers, preservatives, food items in cans, bottles and wrapped in plastics, including cheeses, bottled soda/drinks, etc. and begins cooking the old-fashioned and traditional way with real and healthy food items such as halal lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, and daals and plain tap water. And if you must drink milk then use only skim milk.

As-Salaam Elekum!


Letter: Re: Nadrat Siddique on Native Americans

I am pleased to see that you mentioned some historical facts about the Wampanoag Indians in your recent newsletter. I grew up in Rhode Island and was right in the middle of history, yet we never learned anything in school about the real history of the area. It wasn't until about 10 years ago, after reading a speech by the Native American author William Apess from 1836 that I began to become enlightend. The house I grew up in was just across from Mount Hope, the venue of Metacomet's assassination. When I got married, we bought a house on Nanaquaket Pond in Tiverton, RI. Today, I know that our house was located exactly in the area in which Weetamoe, the female chief of the Pocasset Indians, had her headquarters. The surrrounding area was a farming cooperative in which the Natives shared the crops. I have included an article I run every year at this time. Here's the link. You may want to circulate it to your readers.


Jeff Archer [San Diego, California]

With thanks to Abdul Jabbar
Wikileaks reveals the Betrayal of Muslims by their Own Rulers

The recent wikileaks releases have sent shock waves around the world exposing the views of western diplomats regarding foreign governments and individuals. Causing a mixture of embarrassment and political incidents, the leaks have left the American government scrambling around the world to maintain damage control. In addition to America's humiliation, the leaks have given the world a better understanding of western views of other heads of state, as well as confirmation of the true nature of the Muslim rulers.
The leaked documents give candid accounts of meetings with many leaders, exposing their real concerns and views. A number of documents focus on the deep concern towards Iran, where many Arab nations repeatedly raised concerns over Iran. King Abdullah claimed Iran was meddling in 'Arab matters' and called the state liars. Abu Dhabi's crown prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan also suggested that the US should send in ground forces if air strikes were not enough to "take out" Iranian nuclear targets. Egypt's intelligence chief general Omar Suleiman called Iran "a significant threat to Egypt....supporting jihad and spoiling peace," furthermore Hosni Mubarak told a US congressman, "Iran is always stirring trouble". These statements amongst many others actually encourage military action against the Ummah.
These accounts show the intimate relationship between the US and the Muslim rulers, where these leaders are raising their fears hoping the US will help them. The appreciation and care shown to the US is remarkable. In a discussion with the US, Saudi King Abdullah said, "We (the U.S. and Saudi Arabia) spilled blood together" in Kuwait and Iraq, the King continued, and Saudi Arabia valued this tremendously. Friendship can be a difficult issue that requires work, Abdullah said, but the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have done it for 70 years over three generations. "Our disagreements don't cut to the bone," he stated. Zardari showed similar appreciation for US help during the Pakistani elections stating, "We are here because of you."
However the most staggering example of this relationship was from Yemen's president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who assured the US that missile strikes conducted in his own country by the US in Yemen would be claimed as a Yemeni army assault, and he would "continue saying the bomb are ours, not yours." One of the leaked cables showed in one attack 41 local residents, including 14 women, 21 children and 14 other Muslims were killed. General Petraeus on the same issue but in another cable is recorded as saying that the attack had caused the deaths of "only" three "civilians".
Whilst the Muslim rulers continue their relationship of subservience to the West the US views the world only in terms of its national interests. As captured in the leaks Turkey has been used to negotiate with Iran regarding their nuclear ambitions and was even reprimanded by the US when they weren't dealing with Iran adequately. The cables show that US diplomats have grave doubts about Turkey's dependability, quoting one high-ranking government adviser as saying that Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu would use his Islamist influence on Erdogan, describing him as "exceptionally dangerous." Regardless of how much help Recep Erdogan has given the US over years with Iran, Israel, Iraq and Gaza, the AKP's commitment continues to be questioned.
A number of the leaked cables show pure condescension of the Muslim rulers. Chief of the Defence Staff Jock Stirrup stated that although Zardari has "made helpful political noises, he's clearly a numbskull.", furthermore Permanent Under-Secretary for Security Affairs Peter Ricketts characterized Zardari as having "not much sense of how to govern a country...I fear he talks and talks but not much happens." This is not the first time the US has backed a less than desirable leader as an ally since their objective is not to promote a leader who will bring his people progress but one who would be an active accomplice in their global plans.
The wikileaks cables have only come to confirm the widely held belief that our rulers are exceptionally inept in their role. The cables prove that in addition to merely being concerned about building palaces and holding on to power, they are also delusional, seeing their role in the US grand schemes as indispensible and privileged. The cables show the world that our leaders are quick to give help to the west in order to gain some crumbs, happy to sell their own people to achieve western aims.
The leaked cables show us that the US is only concerned with the pursuit of its interests in the world and an ally is seen merely as an aid to attain these interests. These leaders leave our Ummah vulnerable to the interests of the west, happy to accommodate them where the only vision is to please their colonial master.
To gain protection from the colonialist wolf and progress as an ummah it's time we had the vision for the true Islamic ruler as seen in Khaleefah's of the past who followed in the way of the Prophet.

2010-12-08 Wed 18:03:19 cst